Moving house, town or city is a part of life these days! With so many people renting and trying to get on the property ladder you’re likely to move a number of times in your life.

Whether it’s leaving your family home for the first time, settling in with a partner, living with friends, starting a family, up sizing, down sizing, changing location. There are so many reasons we might need to move.

Moving house can be overwhelming no matter how many times you have done it so I thought I’d put together a helpful blog post full of tips and ideas to make moving that little bit less stressful.

Plan plan plan

Planning before you move will take so much stress away. Once you’ve decided where you’re moving to sit down and make a detailed list of everything you need to do for your move. Things like disconnecting your phone and internet while also organising to set them up at your new home. Notify your friends and family of your change of address and set up a postal redirect for those that you forget to tell! Notifying differing companies, credit cards etc of your change of address and then of course planning your actually moving day. If you’ve got little ones try and arrange extra childcare for the days before and the day of the move, there’s nothing trickier than trying to pack while little ones work away behind you unpacking!


Plan your packing like a military operation! Make a detailed list of everything in each room and how you plan on packing everything. It’s so important to declutter your house before moving. It’ll save you time and money as it can potentially mean your movers can use a smaller van and it’ll save you so much time when unpacking at the new house as you’ll not have to sort through all the junk you’ve built up through the years.

Putting thought into packing really is essential. There’s nothing worse than trying to pack with no real plan. Things are likely to get lost, broken or forgotten and unpacking at the new house will be even more challenging. Have a look at the differing options offered by moving companies. Some companies literally just collect your boxes and already dismantled furniture and move it cross county. In this case you’d need to provide all your own boxes and make sure your house is fully packed up before your movers arrive.

Other moving companies offer a full service including supplying boxes and packing tape, packing up your home for you including taking care of fragile items and also setting up at the new house. Think about what your budget will allow and what sort of service you need. If you have little ones like I do then a full move completed by professional movers makes life so much easier. I packed two suitcase of essentials and kept them in my car and then left the movers to it. I made sure the first things the movers set up were our beds and the sofa and tv so that even if we didn’t get things finished in one day we still had somewhere to sleep and to chill at the new house.

Muscle movers LLC Las Vegas offer free moving quotes, secure storage facilities and a full moving service like a mentioned above. They offer long distance moves in Las Vegas   as well as cross country or overseas moves so no matter your destination they’ll be able to help. Having expert movers really does make a house move so much less stressful.

Label your boxes

This may sound like a silly tip but my movers found it so helpful. Label your boxes with what room they’ll be going to in the new house. For example ‘blue bedroom’, ‘back living room’ ‘en-suite’ etc. This will save your movers from having to ask where everything needs to go once you get to the new house. You can also stick post it’s to the beds, wardrobes and chest of drawers so your movers can easily see what room they belong in. This’ll cut down on time too saving you money if your movers are paid by the hour!

I hope you found these tips helpful. As much as moving can be stressful don’t let it put a dampener on the excitement and new start that moving brings. You have a new home to make incredible new memories in. Order yourself a takeaway and chill the first night in, you deserve it after your big move!

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