We all spend so much time in front of our screens these days, you spend your 9-5 on you work laptop or computer and then head home while sitting on your phone scrolling social media. It can be hard, when sat in front of a screen for so long, to be productive. We get stuck in a rut scrolling through emails and documents and I don’t know about you but my brain turns to mush. I want to change this around and maximise my productivity so I’ve been trying out some ways over the past month or two and wanted to share how I’ve maximised my productivity.

Take your breaks away from your desk

It’s so easy to stay sitting at your desk during your coffee and lunch breaks, but by not getting a change of scenery your brain stays in the work rut and you don’t feel like you’ve had a break at all. I’ve been making sure to get up and away from my desk during break times, whether it’s been a walk to the kitchen to make a coffee or heading outside to eat my lunch in a local park. It’s made a world of difference and means I’m ready to get stuck back in when I return to my desk.

Get outdoors

It’s so important to get fresh air throughout your work day. It’s incredible how much a brisk walk around the block can wake your brain up and get the creative juices following again. As I’ve said above I’ve also tried to eat lunch outdoors in a local park. The fresh air and greenery helps my brain to reset and refocus.

Take 5 minute breaks between meetings

While you can get up and leave your desk during your coffee and lunch break, sometimes you have to stay at your desk as you only have a few minutes between clients. A great way to get your brain going again is to head to a site like Solitare.org and try something new. Solitarie.org is full of a range of online games that you can have a go at quickly to kick your brain back into gear. I particularly enjoy the hidden object games to help keep my brain working in between emails and writing content. It certainly gets your heart rate up when the timers about to end and you can’t find that last hidden object! Or if hidden objects aren’t your thing then a quick fire game of Candy House is another of my favourites.

Don’t forget to refuel

Having a range of healthy snacks and fresh water throughout the day is a must to remain productive. There’s nothing worse than the slugish feeling that hits in the hour before your lunch break or the last hour of the day. Make sure you prepare a range of snacks the night before to stop you being tempted to grab something unhealthy from the cupboard as you’re rushing out the door. It’s also worth investing in an insulated water bottle to keep water cool throughout the working day.

I hope you’ve found some of these tips helpful in maximising your work productivity. I’d love to hear what you find helps you to stay engaged throughout the day.

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