Renting is a complete minefield. First you need to decide where you want/need to live depending on work, family and friends. Once you’ve narrowed this down you then have to figure out the right area or neighbourhood, the size of property and whether it suits your requirements. Finally you need to make sure that rentals are within your budget so research is essential.

Moving to Los Angeles is a dream for a lot of people, aspiring actors, screenwriters, directors and entertainers move with a hope to making it ‘big’ in Hollywood. As well as tech geeks hoping to work for the likes of SpaceX, YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, and Snapchat which are among many firms that have offices in Los Angeles

Los Angeles also has a temperate climate all year round which is a massive pull for those who hate the changing seasons and cold winters. Renting a beach side property to spend your evenings after work paddling with the sunset behind you is a dream come true for most.

Los Angeles is huge though, the city of LA alone has a popular of over 4 million so selecting where in LA you’d like to settle will involved some research. Do you need to be near a work place or is flexible working an option? Do you want to be near the coast and beaches or do you prefer mountains? There’s so many things to consider.

As I’ve said above, researching rentals in Los Angeles is vital before you plan a move.
Zumper is used by millions of renters to find houses, rooms, condos, or apartments for rent. You can see real time rentals, so you’ll always see properties first and can submit digital rental applications via Zumper. Finding some where to rent his never been easier with the options to filter by location, price range, bedroom count, pet-friendly, or amenity and set an alert to get notifications when a new listing is posted.

According to Zumper, currently, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is $2,150 while a 2-bedroom is $2,900. You need to consider if this monthly figure is within your budget before you pack up and quit your job with the hopes of a new life in LA.

It’s also worth looking at different LA neighbourhoods to try and save some money on rent. Zumper have a handy table detailing the average rent per neighbourhood to help you work out where to live while sticking to your budget. Neighbourhoods like Watts and Central Alameda cost an average of $1,750 a month whereas Mid City West and the Hollywood Hills cost around $17,500 a month so the costs can be polar opposite. It’s definitely worth researching the neighbourhood that would be most suited to you and your needs.

Once you’ve worked out which neighbourhood you can afford to live in it’s then time to put in applications! It can be helpful to have a checklist of things you’d like in a property on your phone so you can check them off while having a viewing. Viewing properties is my favourite part!

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