As a self confessed make up and skincare lover I spend more time than I care to admit scrolling through beauty blogs online looking at swatches and reading reviews of the latest released beauty products. Beauty blogs are my favourite way to work out if a product is worth spending my hard earned money on. Here’s 5 of my most trusted beauty blogs for you to check out.

PaleGirlRambling is one of my fav beauty blogs to follow. She’s also a single mom with fair skin like me and her products recommendations are all on point! I swoon over her Charlotte Tilbury collection, it’s a favourite brand for me and her products always work wonders for my skin.

Laura Lou – Laura Louise Makeup + Beauty (

Another mom (can you see a theme to the sort of blogs I like) Laura is a professional make up artist with 15+ years experience and she seriously knows her stuff. There’s so many reviews on her blog and she’s always showing off new releases. I also love her instagram stories and following all about her cats!

Katrina Doran – @skincare_katrina

Katrina is an instagrammer rather than a blogger but she’s a skincare expert and a must check out! She’s so knowledgable about all steps of your skincare routine and I’m particularly amazed by her knowledge of SPF’s which are obviously a must have for those with ghostly pale skin.

Alice Spake –

Last but by no means least, Alice is a Southampton based beauty & lifestyle blogger and mama to two little ones. She’s always got a huge range of beauty posts and reviews live on her blog and I love have a nosey at her recommendations. Lots of skincare and pamper night products that make me want an evening of self care!

I hope this little post was helpful in leading you to some new beauty bloggers to check out. Who are your favourites? I’m always on the look out for new blogs!

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