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Photo#11701. Fringe-legged Tachinid Fly - Trichopoda plumipes For instance, I'm pretty sure this fly is not T. plumipes or T. pennipes--there are

A long-legged tachinid fly, most probably Dexia vacua (family Tachinidae

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Tachinid fly photoOrange Tachinid Fly (Tachininae). By admin, on October 1st, 2010. Image of possibly ( Microtropesa sinuata) a nectar feeding fly which is parasitic to

Oct 1, 2010 picture discription. Photo courtesy of IRRI & University of Queensland Adult Tachinid flies have only 1 pair of wings.

Tachinid fly photoThese two Ambush Bugs have caught a fly. Photo by Chris Earley. tachinid fly. Many fly species are pollinators, too. This is a Tachinid fly. Photo by Chris

photo: Creative Commons / Bruce Marlin. Adejeania vexatrix. Adejeania vexatrix . Loading... Tachinid Fly Related News Stories

Tachinid fly photoTachinid Fly Made by Ashrunner's Photo Safaris This strange looking fly is from the Tachinidae family and most likely a species of Peleteria.

Good shots Omri- looks to me like a Tachinid fly which parasitise other bugs

May 25, 2004 Tachinid flies come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but many feature so sneaking up on one for a photograph requires much patience!

Tachinid fly photoI do not think this head belongs to a Tachinid fly, rather Calliphoridae or Muscidae. Do you have another photo of the same individual from a different

Macro photography displays a bright and colorful world that often goes unnoticed. Tachinid Fly on Rabbitbrush. Adejeania vexatrix [#1413]

Tachinid fly larvae next to the monarch chyralis they emerged from. A single monarch can host 8 or more tachinid flies. Photo by S. Altizer.

Tachinid Fly. Quaking Asp Canyon, Gila National Forest, New Mexico. July 1

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Tachinid Fly Photo