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Everywhere that had the Romaks was out of both receivers and parts kits, and

Nov 4, 2009 for Romanian PSL Romak 3 or any deal keywords. Never miss a deal again! Step 1. Review: Romanian PSL/Romak 3 Parts Kit - $299.99 + S/H

Part kits romakThe M70AB2 Sporter was Century's first AK parts kit build up,

Jul 19, 2009 A 'standard' Romanian AK i.e., Romak front sight base will fit on the .... Both of my PSL kits came with all of these parts, including the

Receiver Cover Will Fit ROMAK III, FPK, PSL. Used Good Condition

The M70AB2 Sporter was Century's first AK parts kit build up,

Romak kits will soon be man our warehouse, pricing will be posted very soon. Universal Gun Parts Kits works with all AK47 kits!

WTB: Unaltered Romanian PSL (ROMAK 3) Part Kits. I am trying to find a

This plating dramatically increases the life of these parts by resisting corrosion and wear. the United States and sold as 'parts kits' (the receiver is destroyed by WASR 10 (including WASR 10/63), Romak 991, Romak 1, and WUM 1.

Nov 22, 2007 The Romak or PSL (Romanian: Pusca Semiautomata cu Luneta, semi-automatic The majority of them are imported as parts kits with lawfully

Cugir, Intrac, and ROMAK models imported before Clinton Exec Order in 2000. Military parts kits and builds on US receivers include AMD-63 and AMD-65.

Craft Wholesalers Australia : Romak 3-D Cardmaking Kits - 3-D, Maxi 3-D Books Adhesive Stones Packaging Paper Trimmer Parts Tools Cards Origami Papers

Part kits romak$13.95. German M826 Kevlar Helmet $89.95. Imbel Fal Parts Kit $399.00. Military Style Compass PSL / Romak 3 Magazines 4-Pack with Pouch Click to enlarge

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its a PSL. The parts are 100% Romanian, including reciever, just assembled here in the US of A. They are built off of Romy kits on a Romy made reciever.

MOLLE II Gear (12) · Non Lethal Defense (12) · Parts Kits (14) · Pistol Accessories (376) · Posters (18) ROMAK III/FPK/PSL Hammer and Hammer Spring

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Jun 25, 2009 Romanian PSL/Romak "Dragunov" Questions Weapons and Combat. Thus, all non-sporting guns are imported as parts kits and reconstructed

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Part kits romakEverywhere that had the Romaks was out of both receivers and parts kits, and

AK47 Parts kits we've found on the web. We are not selling these, reference only Romak 3 $600. Romania 7.62x54R. Stamped Receiver, Dragunov Style AK47

Buy PSL Romak 3 Receiver Flat blank; 80% w/ rails!: GunBroker is the largest

This is a gun for sale, gun classified, or gun auction for PSL FPK Romak Dragunov cleaning kit, broken-shell extractor, small spare parts, cleaning rod,

Close up pictures of a Romanian AK47 Parts Kit - Click Here

These rifles, also known as a Romak-3, SSG-97, and PSL, are extremely accurate cleaning kit, broken-shell extractor, small spare parts, cleaning rod,

Re: Single or Double hook AK G2 kit in a Romak 99? sear and made it

Romanian PSL, ROMAK - Firearms Personal acessories Reloading Firearm Parts/Accessories Optics |_ Slings (48) |_ Holsters/Cases (25) |_ Cleaning kits/Maintenance (24) New Products For October - Firearm Parts/Accessories

Home-Build Parts · Magazines · Optics & Mounts · Outdoors / Survival · Parts · Parts Kits Home :: Romak III PSL 7.62x54r Sniper Rifle with 4x Scope

4: "I just bought a Dragunov parts kit, which receiver can I use?

This is my new kit build of a Romak 3 - PSL sniper rifle. Its a Romanian sniper rifle that uses Customized PSL (ROMAK III) Rifle fitted with SVD parts.

Ecstasy Crafts Home Store Kits Romak. Romak. Sorry, but there are no

In other words, the importation of parts kits or sets, as we know it,

Jan 20, 2009 Romanian ak romak 991 Assault and Military Weapons. I do know that I will need to add some USA parts to meat the 922, but that's the easy part. .... Fitness Blogs, Survival gear buy, sell, trade and reviews section


Feb 10, 2010 Romak - 3-D Christmas Card Kit - Bell / Holly. This is a wonderful kit to make 6 different special Christmas cards. The cards are fun and

07/27/10 Complete Romanian PSL Parts kits in Excellent condition starting at $299.99 •For FPK/PSL/AK/ROMAK 3/DRAGUNOV type rifles •Nitrogen filled

Mar 2, 2010 Removal of Original Lower Handguard: This part was slightly trickier inside a standard Romanian AK-47 cleaning kit works perfectly, too.

Oct 22, 2006 This is the last kit like this that I have, don't know if I will be able to get cleaning kit, broken-shell extractor, small spare parts,

May 8, 2007 This is my new kit build of a Romak 3 - PSL sniper rifle. Excuse me I've been seeing parts kits of these floating around and i'm

Oct 14, 2008 Back in 2004 i got a 8mm yugo m76 that a guy made from a parts kit and making M76 parts kits into rifles out of severely altered Romak 3

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