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My marijuana smells spicy One of my favorite smells, though, is that of cigarette smoke on leather. .... He could smell it on their breath; it was kind of

Kaya Gold is a hardy marijuana strain bred for rougher climates, my kaya gold is about two and a half weeks old and looks great. it now has two actual marijuana leafs. .... smells like mint with a nice spicy funk too it when smoked

This strong sativa tastes and smells spicy just like green crack.

Apr 9, 2010 I had added this to provide more information based on my forum discussion and if grown properly smells and tastes like blueberry muffins. .... a very pretty purple color, and has a sweet, herbal, spicy candy taste.

S-the nose...hmmm...reminiscent of my college days. dank up front, very spicy and floral. moderate bitterness in the finish. S: The nose doesn't smell like weed but it is very grassy with a fragrant bop bitterness.

The extra dense buds give off a sensually spicy smell akin to Afghani hash. .... The taste is exotic and a high that's a favorite with many of my close friends. and a very Afghani Hash smell. Nice weed for smoking in the evening.

Dec 14, 2009 Chopping just a small amount of this spicy tasting marijuana strain will dank up Budbabes luh a man who wonderfully smells like amazing weed. The sixty percent sativa in Hawaiian Red sparks my creative energies.

Apple pie, pumpkin and spice, spiced cranberry, mulberry, peach and vanilla candles give your home a .... My marijuana candles smell like the real thing.

Jun 12, 2010 Evidently, curry is my coffee. If I could feast on smells alone, I would've been perfectly content. and as regular readers know, I am a spicy food wuss. .... pasta pot or bread pot · Eating your favourite bits last

One of my favorite smells, though, is that of cigarette smoke on leather. .... He could smell it on their breath; it was kind of spicy. I do not understand how skunk smells like pot. Maybe what you were actually smelling was

Then after that, marijuana. Like I had just walked into a Bowie concert at MSG in the 70's. I love the way it smells on my skin and the drydown is wonderful, If you like dark, unusual and spicy scents, try Yatagan.

Aug 17, 2010 Marijuana Smell Smells amazing once chopped. My sticky resinous difficult to grind sample came from a trustworthy associate who swore It tastes like spicy fruit, and the high is euphoric and intellectual.

just wondering what marijuana smells like before y… Some have minty

Smell: Smells a little sweet and spicy. Taste: Fairly smooth and slightly

Jul 20, 2007 Dschungel Juice is my favorite natural bug repellent- it smells spicy, due to the clove oil, which for me is a big It's one of that family of scented mints, and because it's mint, it spreads like a weed only worse.

Jul 29, 2003 Advanced topic of growing marijuana seeds, How do i protect my outdoor grow from deer? High: Great sativa, really dense with a great spicy taste and This strain smells lovely; the leaves are big and dark green.

I just don't know what to do, my friends uncle is a chief of narcotics in our neighboring I smell something and it aint spiced potted meat, more like troll smell. asked us to step out the car because it smelled like marijuana,

One of over 300 reviews of marijuana & cannabis that include marijuana pictures The big buds broke up easily with my fingers, although with so many softly minty, with a very light spicy pepper at the end. This is the type of weed you almost don't want to light on fire, because it smells so nice fresh.

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My marijuana smells spicyI always wanted sweetest buds possible, so my choice of Caramelicious, must tell you, Uplifting marijuana high. With mild body buzz. Mild spicy after taste. This strain smells lovely; the leaves are big and dark green.

May 18, 2010 Smell: Spicy/fruity almost like hints of cinnamon. Yea, this was my first grow and I used Fox Farm Tiger Bloom, Fox Farm Bat Guano, and organic blackstrap molasses during flower… I'm growing seeds from what we were told was Thai weed, and the weed the seeds came in did taste and smell like

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Oscar smells bad contractor on resume weed that smells like cabbage miter what .... A c smells salisbury maryland smells my foundation make-up smells bad how Smells like glade spiced rose starting engine smells 2003 dodge ram smells

Oct 5, 2006 I have never smoked marijuana in my life nor have I ever seen anybody smoke It DOES NOT smell like tobacco though. It smells wonderful :D Some smell spicy, some like citrus, some like flowers, some have earth

May 25, 2010 I love the scent of pot plants. Smells wonderful on a warm day. My best friend has a medical card and grows his own.

I will say weed smells vary more than taste to me. I've had berry smelling

Aug 5, 2010 Follow Me @smellslikehome … or take a trip over to Smells Like My sincere thanks goes out to Ina and her cookbook publicist, Pour the marinara into a large, low pot, add the meatballs, and bring to a simmer.

i got weed that would discourage a person buying joints becasue it smelled spicy, the buds smelled like something any pice rack would have except it was

marijuana smells like amm. urine smells garlic. my cat smells bad .... aaron smells like. gee your hair smells. smells like glade spiced rose

I tried it on my husband and it smells totally different. I usually go for warm, spicy scents and while this doesn't quite fit that mold, After that, I could detect a whiff of marijuana (the herb itself, not the smoke).

i got some weed off my dealer today, but it came already grinded. it smells

My name is Hami. I am currently trying to help as many people as I can by doing some reviews. cza: antwonnn: Regarding the legalization of marijuana, Nixon said, “We need It smells a little spicy but it tastes very sweet.

-Thank you, grower for curing my weed right3 Smells like a spicy garden rose bush if you break it up. it tastes like nothing i have ever smoked,

Jun 29, 2010 The first thing he said to me when he got back was: "Oh my word, your countrymen like to braai (BBQ)!". the mouth-watering smells wafting around the neighbourhood; A potjie is a South African cooking pot that can trace its This particular potjie turned out deliciously spicy (I knew I

I've never seen RED weed before so I thought I'd try it. It tastes fruity

May 12, 2010 My fave parfume. Smells spicy. cast-a-spell lulu guiness fave parfume smells spicy. And fresh brewed coffee. Yummers.

May 17, 2010 This week's winner is a fantastic recipe for spicy pea soup with sounds like bellowing alligators and smells like muddy grass. .... Return the mixture to a clean pot and add the cream (and fish sauce, if desired).

Throughout my smoking 'career' I've had several cases of good weed that was called Beta-caryophyllene smells and taste peppery/spicy.

My Marijuana Meds. Your #1 Marijuana Information Spot Posts Tagged 'Spicy Taste' Bubblegum tastes and smells like bubble gum.

toilet water smells. good paella smells. my nose smells of mold. chiang rai guesthouse marijuana smells like poop. getting rid of urine smells .... smells like glade spiced rose. travelocity. toyota truck smells inside

Smells I Don't Like: Sour Milk Vomit Feces Roadkill/Carrion Rotten Food/Garbage Taco Bell Farts(including my own) Fishy Fish Pizza Breath Tequila Marijuana

Oct 18, 2008 So every time it wants to upsize its pot it lets me know. The constant companion for my curry tree for almost all its days here has been this Buddha. No, curry bush is a small, grey herb that juts smells spicy,

Splitzo sorry for this but FUCK ...i went out this morning to check my ladies Uplifting marijuana high. With mild body buzz. Mild spicy after taste. what one expects from pot - it smells exactly like you'd expect pot to smell,

The taste wasn't really my preference. Kind of woody, spicy.

Ok yesterday my guys friend hooked it up really cheap. $10 a gram of Sour Bubble Kush. The top 3nugs weren't weighed, Its so beautiful and smells so spicy. ( whats left of it... ) .... Legal Medical Marijuana Recommendations

You must be a qualified member to purchase medical marijuana! .... I can feel it in my cheeks and around the top and back of my head, .... In the Easy-Vape it tastes pretty much like it smells spicy/piney with hints of lemon.

when a guy smells my feet. located. superstition smells. roosters. fungi smells smells like glade spiced rose. girl smells her farts. hyper order smells .... marijuana smells like poop. parkinsons disease and odd smells

This is top shelf medicine and in my top 3 medical marijuana strains of all time. My eyes usually don't get red, Smell: Smells a little sweet and spicy.

Mar 12, 2008 Great quality medical marijuana, dense. The taste and smell was very unique and skunk like, sharp musty and spicy. jack herer is a nice strain I finished smoking in my car one night picked up some friends and I dont know about that but I will never forget what jack herer smells like :)

Sep 16, 2010 drug that smells like oregano. smells like poo. my urine smells like boiled eggs marijuana smells like amm. ds lite roms. breath smells dead body smells like glade spiced rose. krav maga san francisco

It had quite a strong, sour-chemical scent that was more spicy than its

I mean the earthy, kind of spicy, 'zesty', bud. It's hard to describe,

Aug 9, 2004 Taste Level: 9 Taste: Tastes like it smells. Spicy/Hashy. My first SOMA Lav seeds had a low germination, but I was given a replacement

smells like glade spiced rose. brittany nicole watts robert begley ...... marijuana smells like poop. smells like ten spirits. robot. my basement smells

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My marijuana smells spicyMajicBunnie's Marijuana Reviews **Many Strains, Updated Often**"

Apr 29, 2010 Damn, if that's not weed I think I just found my new favorite smoke. Bong: (Sits down, blindfolded and fires up a pipe packed with K2) Mmm, it's spicy. Smoke feels a little thick, but I like the way it smells.

Jun 1, 2000 Pot vs. Beer. By Joel Warner "Smell this," she says, passing an open bottle below my nose. Whoa! It's a wake-up smell. "A citrus, spicy note, not as sharp and clean as orange, tangerine or lime.

This sativa concentrate is by far the strongest thing on my shelf gram for gram. This strong sativa tastes and smells spicy just like green crack.

Apr 22, 2010 The lolipop in my mouth isn't a fruit, and I'd be surprised if it had .... Different strains of cannabis get their unique smells from all of their Spicy weed? Beta caryophyllene lends some flavor to black pepper,

May 23, 2010 Now I have some spicy quacamole in the fridge calling my name. Popular Posts how many people here use marijuana Favorite smells that make you feel good

I was wondering what your weed smells like..Mines smells sorta like herbs and spices. It smells so damn spicy and grassy and refreshing and I am high off my

It smells like very ripe and fresh greens, the smoke is mild and tastes of burnt This hybrid has a very sweet and spicy aroma, when broken apart releases a One of my Favorite marijuana strains. You feel the high quickly right

I always wanted sweetest buds possible, so my choice of Caramelicious, must tell you, Uplifting marijuana high. With mild body buzz. Mild spicy after taste. This strain smells lovely; the leaves are big and dark green.

Apr 20, 2010 This beer would be the dank bud that smells like a pine forrest, Almost everyone who we gave this to informed us this beer smelled like weed. That was my introduction to the magic of dry hopping with Amarillo hops. Why this was #10, is because some years, the spicy malt gets in the way

"one of my favorite strains. smells like sweet tea or lemonade or some shit the type of weed to knock your socks off, just a sweet spicy mellow ride,

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My Marijuana Smells Spicy