We’re well into the New Year now and New Year’s resolutions are most likely slipping.

That doesn’t mean you should give up on your health kick completely though, now you’ve likely got your unachievable resolutions out of your system, February is the perfect time to think of changing up your lifestyle for the long run and think of some improvements you’d like to make for the rest of 2022.

I don’t know about you but being stuck at home during the Covid 19 pandemic has made me loathe cooking and encouraged me to order a few too many take aways. I want to focus on making my diet better in 2022 and feeling healthier, rather than just focusing on loosing weight. I’ve been spending the past month looking up and trying out some nice new meal ideas, making meal plans and a decent shopping list to help me stick to healthy eating long term.

I’ve already tried a lot of lovely new recipes but as with most things on the internet a lot of the recipes are from the US in oz’s rather than grams. I found a handy conversion calculator on CulinarySchools.org to help me convert and make sure I’m not using too much (or little!) of any ingredients.

I’ve found making a meal plan with an accompanying shopping list best way to stick to a healthier diet. When I know what we’re having for dinner each night I’m less likely to stray down the convenience food and treat aisles meaning I stick to my healthy eating and am kinder to my bank balance by purchasing less snacks!

That being said, allowing some treats here and there is important too, if you don’t give yourself some slack a few times a month you’re much more likely to fall off the bandwagon completely. I like to schedule in a baking day with my little one a few times a month so we can enjoy our home made treats throughout the month guilt free.

My final addition to my healthier lifestyle in 2022 is to make sure I get out for at least half an hour for some fresh air and exercise, whether it’s a run, a walk or a trip to the park with my little one. Not only will it help me lose a little weight and feel healthier but some fresh air will works wonders for my mental health too.

I hope this post has helped you to start thinking about some achievable goals for 2022. Did you fall off the bandwagon with your resolutions this year?

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