About 125 km north of Vancouver sits Whistler, a resort municipality that got its start in the resort industry in the 1960s. Since then, Whistler Valley has grown to become one of the most beloved and visited ski resorts in the world. While Whistler is known for its incredible ski slopes, it offers much more to visitors. In fact, when you visit, you might find yourself wanting to stay just a bit longer. Here are five reasons you should extend your stay the next time you visit.

200+ Runs on Whistler & Blackcomb

Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain are the two peaks that look over Whistler Village. Together, the mountains have over 200 runs, enough to provide days of excitement for skiers and snowboarders of all ages and skill levels. With that many runs, most visitors plan to spend at least a week at the resort to make sure that they are able to hit as many slopes as possible. Expert skiers will want to take advantage of heli-skiing opportunities, far removed from the general population for a more natural skiing environment. Blackcomb also offers summertime skiing opportunities with the Horstman Glacier, giving the resort the longest ski season in Canada.

Snowmobile Fun

Whistler offers multiple sled tours for every skill level. Whether it’s your first time on a snowmobile or consider yourself to be an expert, there are plenty of trails and tours available. There are also packages for families and groups – so bring your friends!

Trek & Trail Adventures

More than just a winter playground, Whistler offers lots of summer activities too. In the warmer months you can hike the numerous trails through the wilderness or choose to carve your own path like a true adventurer. If you prefer climbing, Whistler offers a number of places to test your skills. Bikers also love to come here to ride the bike park, trek cross-country, or descend through the rugged and natural terrain of the mountains.

Cloudraker Skybridge

This summertime attraction looks out over Whistler Bowl and offers a stunning 360° view of the surrounding area. The bridge connects Whistler Peak to the West Ridge and offers a breathtaking view of the region’s snow capped mountains. From that vantage point, it would be impossible not to imagine yourself living there year round. Find real estate for sale in Whistler to make your stay a permanent one.

Vallea Lumina Lightshow

The multimedia night walk operates throughout the year and provides a visual display like no other, illuminating the forest area around Cougar Mountain. Said to be in pursuit of hidden wonders, the show offers an interactive fantasy-based storyline that will leave participants awed. If you want to journey to a magical place then reserve tickets for this dazzling multimedia experience.


Whistler Resort provides year-round opportunities to explore everything the mountains have to offer. Whether you’re there to take part in winter wonderland opportunities or prefer the summertime experience, any time of the year is a perfect time to extend your stay when visiting Whistler.

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