Given we’re over a year and a half into the pandemic, those of us who could work from home have been doing so for quite some time now. It’s become the norm to roll out of bed 15 mins before your first meeting, sort your top half but keep the cosy pj bottoms and slippers on because nobody sees below waist height during your many zoom and Microsoft teams meetings. Whether you’re glad about it or not, now things are easing we’re expected to get back into the office and back to work normality. It’s going to be quite the transition for everyone to move back to office based work and get rid of the slippers. I’ve put together a few tips below to try and help you adjust.

Plan a new routine

It’s going to be vital to get into a proper routine now that we have to use the office again. You need to factor in enough travel time to get to work each morning, whether you use public transport like the train or bus, or if you use your own car. You also need to leave enough time to get ready in the morning, my top tip is to prepare your lunch and work outfit the night before this allows you to make the most of those last few minutes in bed in the morning.

Reorganise your office

With Covid still very present in the work place office reorganisation is going to be a must to try and maximise social distancing, especially in open plan office spaces. Sometimes though, you need a space for a private meeting or a quiet area to work away from the noise of the office. Spacio Meeting Pods are the perfect solution for creating a small meeting room within an open plan office without the need to renovate the whole building.

Get organised at home

I don’t know about you but I’ve got into the habit of popping on the washing in the morning before I start work and using my lunch break to hang it up. Or using my tea  break to pack or empty the dishwasher. Now we’re all back in the office we’re not going to have the luxury of fitting our household chores in around our work day so make sure you set out a new at home routine to stop you from getting behind in the washing or cleaning. If you’ve got children, setting out a chore chart could really help everyone in the family know what’s expected of them.

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