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Feb 13, 2001 Israeli Aid to Earthquake Victims in India - January 2001. An Israeli aid mission, numbering about 150 personnel, departed on January 29 in

Earthquake In Delhi 2011 – Earthquake In Delhi Today We have got some twitter comment about the earthquake in Delhi on 19 Jan 2011.

Feb 12, 2001 Jan 30, 2001 ARTI mission for India Earthquake Update. Situation : ARTI Canada , Niko Resources India General Manager,

Earthquake : Magnitude 7.5, Location : India's Nicobar Islands. On 06.14.10 by Animesh Das. There was a strong earthquake which hit near INDIAs' Nicobar

earthquake information and disaster mitigation in India.

The earthquakes in El Salvador, India, and Peru prompted comprehensive psychological aid to the affected populations, in addition to medical and relief

The Indian subcontinent has a history of devastating earthquakes. The major

Earthquake in indiaJun 13, 2010 Telegraph reports, It was shallow, at a depth of 20.6 miles (33 km), and was centered 160 miles (260 km) north of Port Blair in the

The peninsular shield of India has generated some remarkable earthquakes. The Latur earthquake in the heart of the Indian shield is considered as a typical

Accounts of the losses to architectural and historical heritage as a result of the quake.

Jun 13, 2010 A massive earthquake just struck India at around 1:00 a.m. The quake measures 7.7 in magnitude according to the United States Geological

Earthquakes question: Earthquake prone areas of India? Gujarat Andaman and Nicobar islands Lakshadweep islandsKATCHDELHINCR.

Mar 31, 2010 An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale hits Andaman Islands, India region early Wednesday, according to a release by the Hong Kong

Aug 11, 2009 A major earthquake of magnitude 7.6 struck in the Indian Ocean off India's Andaman Islands early today, but a tsunami alert for India,

Jun 13, 2010 A strong, 7.5 magnitude earthquake has struck near India's Nicobar Islands, initially triggering a tsunami watch for all areas of the Indian

India has experienced some of the world's most devastating earthquakes. Some 19000 people died in Kangra District, northeastern Himachal Pradesh, in April

In 2001, India received a wake-up call from the magnitude 7.7 Bhuj earthquake, when buildings in the city of Ahmedabad (approximately 225 kilometres from

Earthquake in indiaSubduction/collision earthquakes in India occur in the Himalayan Frontal Arc (HFA). This arc is about 2500km long and extends from Kashmir in the west to

It has been two years since the January 26, 2001, earthquake in India that left death and devastation in its wake. As one of the first humanitarian

Jun 14, 2010 Phangnga residents have returned to their homes after a tsunami scare was triggered by a major earthquake off India's Nicobar Islands.

Feb 4, 2001 The Earthquake Homepage. May 28, 2001 Earthquake hits India, Resources Form national panel on earthquakes: Delhi HC

Aug 11, 2009 There was a massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude reported in Indonesia and Andaman Nicobar Islands and hence a Tsunami warning was issued to

Jan 16, 2011 Earthquake information for India and the rest of South Asia.

Jan 19, 2011 Earth quake.earthquake.earthquakes.earthquakes today.volcanic eruptions.recent earthquakes.earthquake today Today on 19th Jan 2011

Aug 16, 2010 As per quick twitter search, people felt mini earthquake in Mumbai, India around 1:00 AM IST. There are few people who tweeted about the

Jan 18, 2011 Map of India locating the major earthquake locations and their intensity in Richter Scale and the Year in which the earthquake has taken

Aug 11, 2009 It seems a mild / small earthquake has just hit Kolkata / West Bengal / eastern India / ANDAMAN ISLANDS / Japan coast.

Specialty Reports: Earthquakes My Location: Chennai / Madras, India Current Time: 10:58:41 PM IST. USA Weather News Headlines

Earthquake in indiaJun 13, 2010 A 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck near India's Nicobar and Andaman Islands today, causing panic on the archipelago.

Mar 30, 2010 A 6.4-magnitude earthquake has rocked the Indian region near Port Blair. There have been no immediate reports of injuries, deaths or damage.

Jun 8, 2005 EERI : Earthquake Rebuilding in Gujarat, India [2005-02] - Written by a small recovery reconnaissance team under the leadership of C. V. R.

Jan 26, 2001 One month after the earthquake official Government of India figures place the death toll at 19727 and the number of injured at 166000.

Feb 13, 2001 The earthquake in Gujarat. Links to Indian and international relief efforts and news reports. Mail this page to a friend. India | U.S.A.

Jun 12, 2010 An earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter Scale has struck the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India on early Sunday morning at 01:26:50 AM

Jun 12, 2010 The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported a 7.7 magnitude earthquake near Nicobar Islands, India. The earthquake took place on

Jun 12, 2010 BANGKOK (LALATE) - A major earthquake has hit India. News of an India earthquake near the Nicobar Islands shortly after 1 am local time

Kashmir earthquake of 2005 (India), disastrous earthquake that occurred on Oct. 8, 2005, in the Pakistan-administered portion of the Kashmir region and the

Officials predicted as many as 6000 may have been killed in the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in western India on Friday.(AP Photo/Saurabh Das)

Jan 27, 2001 People all across India, Pakistan, and Nepal were jolted awake this morning as a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck the state of Gujerat in

The page for general and Pakistan-related information is at Earthquake 10-05. Please use this page to organize, monitor, etc. efforts and news to the

Breaking News : Earthquake felt in Pakistan, India and UAE. Earthquake in India And Pakistan:Recorded 7.4 Magnitude,

Earthquake in indiaJun 12, 2010 A 7.5 earthquake strikes near the Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean, but tsunami warnings are later cancelled.

Jan 26, 2001 EIC seismological note: Southern INDIA Earthquake on January 26, 2001 (ERI, Univ. of Tokyo): Spatiotempoal Distribution of Source Rupture

Jan 18, 2011 Pakistan Earthquake 2011-Minor Earthquake In Delhi, India.

01 Feb 2001, Compare, Major Earthquakes in India (gif, 60k) 26 Jan 2001, NOAA, India Earthquake Jan 2001 - Night-time lights (jpg, 149k)

Jan 18, 2011 Twitter breaks news about 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Pakistan, Delhi, India and Dubai. Follow the Earthquake updates on Twitter.

Mar 30, 2010 The earthquake happened in India , Andaman and Nicobar Islands Province (population: 295612). . The nearest populated places are [None].

Jun 13, 2010 Telegraph reports, It was shallow, at a depth of 20.6 miles (33 km), and was centered 160 miles (260 km) north of Port Blair in the

Aug 8, 2010 India?s first centre to predict earthquakes to come up in Nov, The centre that will be built at an investment of Rs500 cr will bring

It was India's worst earthquake since independence in 1947. Official statistics show that about 86 villages of the two districts – Latur and Osmanabad,

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Mar 18, 2010 Hospital Earthquake Safety Campaign Kicks Off in India. GHI has been working toward earthquake safety in India since 1999 and maintains

Dec 28, 2009 Twitter has been put to many unusual uses and the latest is the detection and responses to earthquakes in real-time based on the spike in

Supported by funding from Swiss Reinsurance Company (Swiss Re), GHI is working to improve hospital earthquake safety in India.

Sep 12, 2010 A moderate earthquake on Saturday hit parts of northeast India, though there were no reports of casualty or damage of properties,

Earthquake strikes Pakistan/India Border, Tremors Hits Pakistan/India, Quakes Rocks Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana,

Feb 12, 2007 [NEW DELHI] India urgently needs to make buildings and dams better able to survive major earthquakes and to update building codes,

Subduction/collision earthquakes in India occur in the Himalayan Frontal Arc (HFA). This arc is about 2500km long and extends from Kashmir in the west to

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Oct 24, 2007 Earthquakes occur due to movements along faults that have evolved through geological and tectonic processes. Often they occur without any

Jun 12, 2010 A local tsunami watch has been issued for India after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of India early Sunday, according to

The recent 7.9 earthquake in India happened on January 26, the day of the 52nd Republic Day parade. I wondered if Dee's dream of "26" was related to the

Jul 7, 2010 The world watches as 2010 becomes the year of the disaster. India is particularly vulnerable if a major earthquake strikes population

Earthquake in indiaIt was India's worst earthquake since independence in 1947. Official statistics show that about 86 villages of the two districts – Latur and Osmanabad,

Feb 3, 2001 One of the worst earthquakes in India's history has claimed the lives of thousands, with many more still to be discovered.

Sep 18, 2010 An earthquake hit Afghanistan, Pakistan and north India around midnight on Friday but there were no immediate reports of damage or

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