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Aug 19, 2010 When you purchase Iraqi Dinars using your card, your CC company er Line you write a check or draft to deposit in ll have to check with the books teach the pros and cons of YOU PURCHASE MY IRAQ INVESTMENT BOOK

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Sep 25, 2010 (The spread is the difference between a bank's deposit and lending rates. in the sort of large block trades I described in my last post seems unavoidable. .... Central Bank Wants to Drop Zeros from Iraqi Dinar?

If I don't have a receipt, how can I prove when I got my Dinar? Can you deposit your current physical dinar into an Iraqi bank account? Is it risky?

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service, or CDARS

My previous post on the Iraqi Dinar exchange rate is perhaps the most

Oct 15, 2003 Invest in iraq dinars and become a millionaire. With my false sense of urgency nagging at me, I decided to buy 250000 Dinar. there is money to be made doing so, but it's a big gamble as a long term investment.

You can open two accounts at Al Warka, one in Iraqi Dinar and the other in US Bank of Iraq at that day, and then deposit it in my Iraqi Dinar account at

In my opinion there will be some future ( long term investment ) in Iraqi Dinar, About the Iraqi Dinar value. Understand that this is just my opinion.

I have been hearing alot about investing in Iraqi Dinar, lately. TP ? Naw, I wouldn't even give Saddam the pleasure of seing my ass.. :laugh: where would you invest, sounds like a good idea for a long term investment for me.

(This was before I realized I could buy a stamp that said “For Deposit Only”) In fact on my Iraqi Dinar site at I put one of my

Oct 11, 2006 Now let me tell my experience reading the Iraqi dinar eBook. for Iraqi Dinar (local currency) but instead asking to deposit a foreign

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Iraqi Dinar News. Your Source For All Things Dinar .... I WANT THE FEDERAL

The Iraqi Dinars is continually growing in popularity, especially since the

There has been a lot of negative opinions concerning the Iraqi Currency released in 2003. .... They will want to deposit money in that country's banks.

Iraqi Dinar Information ( and wanted to convert to USD and deposit into my acct at the bank.

Jun 1, 2010 Exact conversion rates between the Iraqi Dinar and the US dollar vary daily; however, How to Deposit Iraqi Dinars · How to Buy Iraqi Dinars Post this comment to my Facebook Profile. Word Verification*. Comment

Sep 10, 2010 Recent Discussions about the Iraqi Dinar some focus on retail banking, deposits or serve only firms linked to their family owners.

Deposit my iraqi dinarsSep 13, 2010 I would have no problem on still paying Ali his 150.00 per million on my deposit when the dinar rv's. Suzanne Kaufman said:

Can i make a deposit onto my prepaid debit card through an atm ma...? Next Question: What is the value of the Iraq dinar. Related Questions

Sep 27, 2010 Curious to know what the Iraqi Dinar is worth right now? Although online banking services are not tangible, such as withdrawal and deposit your money, plain and simple, My Home · Edit your Account

I got my Dinars while I was working in Iraq for a US Contractor to the military. and I currently have it stashed away in a safe deposit box.

My question is what do we do when the iraqi dinar does go up? It's money I have not missed at all, so it just sits in a safe deposit box at the bank.

Dec 29, 2006 Warka cannot send you dinars so your money must stay in the account Bank of Iraq at that day , and then deposit it in my Iraqi Dinar

Where can I track the value of my Iraqi dinars? Where can I find more Iraqi dinars without a 50%% "good faith" deposit via wire transfer, cashier's check, or money order. .... How can I check the authenticity of my Iraqi dinars?

30 days will commence on the date the 10% deposit is received. If a customer chooses to cancel an order or not send in the 90% balance due The Iraqi Dinar value will be locked in based on the date the 10% payment is received.

Please credit $xxxxx to my IRAQI DINAR SAVINGS ACCCOUNT.

You could always do what I did with my Iraqi dinar, and that is open a bank

Deposit my iraqi is the largest seller of the Iraqi Dinar in the United

Jan 15, 2007 The first stage is the deposit of some money by a punter, .... Does anybody know when the iraq dinar will revalue? .... Molly: I am economics speaker for the green party although blogs represent my personal views.

IRAQI DINAR COLLECTOR SET. Posted by derprinz at 1:26 PM

Sep 18, 2006 They expect this to be a long-term investment. They bank on Iraq not falling into license plate of BUSH CO or WARBUX danced in my head.

Sep 13, 2010 I would have no problem on still paying Ali his 150.00 per million on my deposit when the dinar rv's. Suzanne Kaufman said:

Aug 4, 2010 These were my thoughts exactly. He was pumping up the Iraq dinar and now it's a bad investment. Buy, don't buy. Put away in your drawer,

Each day i see more and more people buying Iraqi Dinar currency. My cat is a small version of a panther. .... Also have 5 million Vietnamese Dong which are a lot cheaper than the Dinar but looks good as a long term investment.

Deposit my iraqi dinarsFeb 13, 2007 I just put it in my safe deposit box today thinking its going to be .... I travel to Iraq often, I used to be able to get Dinars at my bank.

Oct 31, 2009 My brother gave me 1635000 in Iraqi Dinars and I want to convert Ask the bank. They might be able to send the money off for conversion.

Jun 13, 2010 Insurgents wearing military uniforms stormed Iraq's central bank Sunday during an which holds gold deposits as well as U.S. and Iraqi currency. "My worry was what would happen to my family if I were killed by the

Does anybody know where I can set up a banking account to deposit my New Iraqi Dinars? I believe now is the time to flood the US Financial Market with the

How to Deposit Iraqi Dinars. Iraqi dinar currency, as most investors know, Post this comment to my Facebook Profile. Word Verification*. Comment

Aug 31, 2010 News related to the Iraqi Dinar & other currencies. .... If I do not pay within the 30 days I lose my deposit Once the Dinar is Revalued I

Further, if the currency ever changes, so does your deposit automatically.My simple instructions will walk you through the steps of opening a Dinar account

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Deposit My Iraqi Dinars